Product Care

To maintain the quality of taste and to keep our tableware looking its best, we recommend that you wash them quickly after use. Do not use pads and/or abrasive detergents. Your tableware cannot be exposed to the naked flame or rapid changes of temperature and it is not freezer safe.

Don’t forget that our products are platinum and gold-plated, so please take care when cleaning them. Always remember to use soft cloths to wash and dry, and do not use cleansers or polishes that may affect the coating. Please do not use anything sharp.

Dishwasher use is not recommended for products with metal decorations and therefore they should never be placed in the microwave.

Products decorated with precious metals are very delicate. To love and protect them from any scratches on the surface, please do not store products on top of each other without a fabric in between the plates. And do not slide the bottom; always lift chinaware from the top. After each use, please store in the dust bag provided, so that the products are in a dry and humidity free environment at all times.

Please remember that these are recommendations only. We will not be held liable for any damages caused.

Time to enjoy your tableware.