Nimerology is a luxury homeware label that was born from wanderlust and moulded by a passion for design and food.

Founded by Nour al Nimer, Nimerology is a medley of cultures viewed through Nour’s lens, and translated into elegant pieces of tableware that boast an aesthetic sensibility as well as straightforward functionality.

Travel is at the core of Nour’s creative process, driven by a belief that art and new experiences should be an integral part of everyday life.

Nimerology has been exhibited in galleries across Europe, the United States and the Middle East and featured in Elle Decoration, Architectural Digest, Town and Country, Vogue, Identity, Marie Claire, L’Officiel, Galerie and Forbes.


Nour al Nimer has always found herself at the crossroad between East and West.

Born in Beirut to a Palestinian father and a Turkish mother, Nour was immersed in rich cultures that fed her desire to discover the world. A passionate explorer with a flair for art and delicacy, she founded Nimerology in 2012 after completing an MA in Fine Arts from the Chelsea School of Art & Design, a BA in Surface Print Design from the London College of Communication and a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Central Saint Martins.

Nimerology became a medium for her to retell the intimate experiences of her expeditions, with each collection acting as a physical representation of her personal connection to a distant narrative.